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Sat, Jun 23rd 2018 6:54am
Op-ed: The Jewish rioters who jeered at Hussein Dawabsheh, 'Where is Ali? Dead, burned! On the grill!' must be prosecuted and made to pay compensation. Hit them where it hurts, in their pockets. Silence from the prosecution would be interpreted as acceptance and encouragement of those who try it next.
Fri, Jun 22nd 2018 5:27pm
: AP
Op-ed: Trump didnt take a gamble in his meeting with Kim. His handshake with the North Korean tyrant wont do any harm. It can only reduce the threat. An independent Palestinian state, on the other hand, increases the threat, which is why there isnt a single leader capable of emulating the agreement in our region.
Thu, Jun 21st 2018 5:39pm
: AP
Analysis: Although there are no preparations for a military operation in the foreseeable future, and despite the recent drop in the number of incendiary kites dispatched from Gaza and the fact that neither side is interested in an escalation, the latest exchange of blows between Israel and Hamas has narrowed down the range of possibilities; if the kite terrorism continues on a daily basis, the IDF will respond with airstrikes which will lead to further rocket barrages and pave the way to a war.
Thu, Jun 21st 2018 7:21am
Analysis: Operating under the perception that Israel isnt interested in a war in Gaza, the terror organization has adopted an unprecedented new policy of attacking Gaza border communities with rockets during or immediately after any IAF strike on its targets in the strip; Israeli officials believe Hamas desire to change the rules of the game is also driven by frustration in light of its failures in recent months.
Wed, Jun 20th 2018 5:24am