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Sun, Jun 25th 2017 4:05pm
Analysis: While Assads army was well aware of the fact its direct tank fire on rebel forces would spill over into Israeli territory and lead to retaliation, it had to stop the rebels from approaching the road to Damascus. Meanwhile, it remains unclear whether the unusually severe IDF response will be met with a Syrian counterattack.
Sun, Jun 25th 2017 10:23am
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Op-ed: Violence against women is not a defect that can sit around and wait patiently to be repaired; its a real war. And like in any other war, all available resources must be recruited to strike the enemy.
Sat, Jun 24th 2017 3:00pm
Op-ed: Victory on Western-based violent Islamism will only be achieved when Muslim communities reject any manifestation of religious-political fanaticism in a firm and uncompromising manner.
Fri, Jun 23rd 2017 5:46pm
Op-ed: Netanyahu insists that there are no building restrictions in the capital, but half a year after Trumps inauguration, construction plans in Jerusalem are still stuck in the district planning committee.
Thu, Jun 22nd 2017 5:29pm