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Sun, Feb 18th 2018 3:47am
: AP
Op-ed: Its nice to see the State of Israel awarding one of the government's biggest critics with its most important prize; listening to him from time to time wouldnt do any harm either.
Sat, Feb 17th 2018 4:18am
Analysis: It is still too early to assess Eisenkots performance as IDF Chief of Staff; the real test is how well the army he leads performs on the battlefield; However, it can still be said that Eisenkot is an exceptional military leader owing to the impressive amount of objectives, which he set for himself at the start of his term, which were fulfilled.
Fri, Feb 16th 2018 4:56pm
Analysis: The White House wasnt just angered by the prime minister's lie that he was holding talks with the Americans about applying Israeli sovereignty in the West Bank, but also by the liberty he took to get the US administration in trouble with the world.
Fri, Feb 16th 2018 8:17am
Op-ed: We can keep talking about Palestinian rejectionism, anti-Semitic propaganda and support for terror, but the images produced by 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi and 11-year-old Janna Jihadand the images dispatched to the world from Hebrons Shuhada Streetare much stronger.
Thu, Feb 15th 2018 10:30am