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Fri, Oct 20th 2017 11:42pm
Op-ed: Less than four years after its official establishment, ISIS seems to be approaching its end. How did it happen? Once terror crosses a certain line, it sets in motion a self-destruction mechanism and undermines its own goal. The organizations intimidation efforts were so successful, that the entire world teamed up to destroy it.
Fri, Oct 20th 2017 5:46pm
Op-ed: Centrist politicians have been trying to lure right-wing voters for years, but Avi Gabbays recent comments crossed a certain line. Somehow, the Labor leaders shift to the right seems kind of sincere and a bit too resolved.
Fri, Oct 20th 2017 3:01am
Op-ed: The Cairo agreement presents a challenge not only to the Palestinian leadership and society, but also Israeli society and government, the Egyptian-led Arab world and the entire international community. This opportunity should be seized by anyone interested in a permanent agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.
Thu, Oct 19th 2017 5:43pm
Analysis: While Israeli courts have yet to render judgment in cases based on the boycott act, Israeli-based businesses, academics and cultural figures suffering damages from boycotts against Israel can sue the BDS Movement under civil law.
Thu, Oct 19th 2017 2:28pm