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Sun, Apr 22nd 2018 8:40pm
Analysis: The professional killing of electrical engineer Fadi Albatsh in Kuala Lumpur is just another operation in a long list of assassinations, in and outside Gaza, against the minds taking part in the development of the terror groups aerial system.
Sun, Apr 22nd 2018 5:50pm
Op-ed: Anyone who claims to love Israel should understand Israel is a democracy. Anyone who claims to love Israel doesnt boycott Israel. Anyone who boycotts Israel bolsters our haters, the demonization campaign and the BDS movement, which opposes the states actual existence.
Sun, Apr 22nd 2018 8:14am
Analysis: Israel's recent 'mistakes' surrounding the attack on the T-4 airbase in Syria are not coincidental, it's a policy. It's trying to provoke Iran into a direct conflict on Syrian soil so it could thwart Tehran's entrenchment before it has a chance to fully establish itself in Syria.
Sun, Apr 22nd 2018 2:08am
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Op-ed: Knesset Speaker Edelstein should not be shocked at PM Netanyahu breaking his word, speaking for 14 minutes during torch lighting ceremony, as duplicitous ploy by Culture Minister Regev, PM's wife Sara comes to fruition. All points on gentlemanly agreement between Edelstein, PM voided, as Regev showed everyone who's really in charge.
Sat, Apr 21st 2018 6:09pm