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The Times of Israel is a Jerusalem-based online newspaper founded in 2012 to document developments in Israel, the Middle East and around the Jewish world.

The Times of Israel has no partisan political affiliation. It seeks to present the news fair-mindedly and offers a wide range of analysis and opinion pieces.

The Times of Israel also highlights developments from Jewish communities throughout the Diaspora, and thus serve as a global focal point for the Jewish world – informing and engaging members of the tribe everywhere.

The core staff and contributors of The Times of Israel include many of Israel’s leading English-language journalists.

News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World
Sun, Jun 25th 2017 2:29pm
Conservative and Reform leaders may not be surprised by the latest development – years of experience have taught them better – but the sense of betrayal is still powerful, and they’re determined to fight
Sun, Jun 25th 2017 2:29pm
Op-Ed: The PM’s decision to freeze the Western Wall compromise plan is a blow to the heart and soul of world Jewry
Sun, Jun 25th 2017 2:22pm
As Arab states urge Doha to downgrade Tehran ties to end crisis, Iranian president decries Saudi-led move to ‘pressure’ Gulf nation
Sun, Jun 25th 2017 2:02pm
Casino magnate’s wife Miriam also set to be grilled by investigators Monday on PM’s alleged ties to couple’s Israel Hayom daily
Sun, Jun 25th 2017 2:02pm
Soldier convicted of manslaughter passes out on base, sent for further medical examinations at military hospital
Sun, Jun 25th 2017 1:36pm