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Jennifer Rubin is a columnist for the Washington Post. She believes in American exceptionalism, limited government, free markets, a secure and thriving Jewish state, defense of freedom and human rights around the world, enforced borders with a generous legal immigration policy, calling things by their proper names (e.g. Islamic fundamentalism), and recapturing vocabulary (a "feminist" is not the same as a pro-choice activist).

Nearly all wisdom is found in the Godfather movies (no, not Part 3!) and the Torah. I'm a dog nut, so I'm a sucker for any dog story. (And for the record, I think Bo is adorable.) I'm a harsh critic of racial preferences, the Middle East "peace process" (which is short on peace-production), Keynesian economics, judicial imperialism and liberal statism.

Jennifer Rubin's take from a conservative perspective
Fri, Jun 22nd 2018 3:15pm
Embarking on her flight to visit children whom her husband had snatched from their parents, first lady Melania Trump donned a jacket with this message plastered on the back: “I really dont care. Do U?” (Apparently, Zara charges $39 for such things.) She either didn’t bother to think about her sartorial choice (a first for the […]
Fri, Jun 22nd 2018 3:15pm
Pardon me? No, Trump won't get away with it.

The American people were shaken this week by the images of President Trump’s cruel treatment of immigrant children. His posturing, lying and indifference to the consequences of his actions have not worked well for him. Interestingly, they seem also to be increasingly wary of his “L’état, c’est moi” impulses. A new Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs […]
Fri, Jun 22nd 2018 12:00pm
Trump created the immigration crisis out of sheer ignorance and cruelty

The Trump presidency is one of incomplete sentences, sneers and slogans: “Catch and release!” “Zero tolerance!” If you quizzed President Trump or many of his supporters, chances are that they’d be hard-pressed to explain what these things mean. “Catch and release” does not mean asylum-seekers are set loose, never to be heard from when their […]
Fri, Jun 22nd 2018 10:30am
The great falsehood that was at the root of President Trump’s candidacy was that he was very strong and America was very weak. We were losing, having our jobs stolen, getting ripped off by allies, etc. We were supposedly awash in crime and illegal immigration, and the latter, we were told, contributed to the former. […]
Fri, Jun 22nd 2018 9:15am
Morning Bits: Trump is weak

A weak showing for the anti-immigrant right. “The House on Thursday rejected a hard-line immigration bill introduced by Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) after leadership postponed a second vote on a compromise measure written with centrists.” President Trump shows how weak he is. “[F]acing what has grown into the biggest moral and political crisis […]
Fri, Jun 22nd 2018 7:45am