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Jennifer Rubin is a columnist for the Washington Post. She believes in American exceptionalism, limited government, free markets, a secure and thriving Jewish state, defense of freedom and human rights around the world, enforced borders with a generous legal immigration policy, calling things by their proper names (e.g. Islamic fundamentalism), and recapturing vocabulary (a "feminist" is not the same as a pro-choice activist).

Nearly all wisdom is found in the Godfather movies (no, not Part 3!) and the Torah. I'm a dog nut, so I'm a sucker for any dog story. (And for the record, I think Bo is adorable.) I'm a harsh critic of racial preferences, the Middle East "peace process" (which is short on peace-production), Keynesian economics, judicial imperialism and liberal statism.

Jennifer Rubin's take from a conservative perspective
Sun, Jun 25th 2017 2:30pm
Sunday wrap
Who said it? 1. “There is no way we should be voting on this [this] week.” 2. “It makes absolutely no sense to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood.” 3. “Why does it have to be so mean spirited? Why can’t there be some compassion?” 4. “There’s no way the Republican bill brings down premiums.” […]
Sun, Jun 25th 2017 2:30pm
Selling cruddy health care is harder than you think
Republicans said they wanted to repeal and replace Obamacare because the exchanges were “broken.” By that they meant deductibles and premiums were too high and insurers were pulling out, leaving fewer choices and less price containment via competition. The Senate bill makes those things worse — taken the minimum actuarial value of the plans from […]
Sun, Jun 25th 2017 12:00pm
Distinguished pol of the week
While Republicans on Capitol Hill were trying to defend a bill that simultaneously failed to replace Obamacare and took health care away from millions to pay for tax cuts for the rich, Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) was having none of it. “I have deep concerns with details in the U.S. Senate’s plan to fix […]
Sun, Jun 25th 2017 7:45am
Will Capito stand up for voters Trumpcare would hurt?
If you want to find quintessential President Trump voters, you would do well to look to West Virginia, where his promised restoration of the coal industry epitomized his nationalistic and populist appeal to white working-class voters. What would happen under the Senate’s health-care bill? Sen. Shelley Moore Capito will be looking at a variety of […]
Fri, Jun 23rd 2017 1:58pm
For this GOP senator, rejecting the health-care bill should be a no-brainer
Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) occupies a unique position. He is the most vulnerable Republican senator on the ballot in 2018 in a state that, as a result of the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, made 204,000 people (a 90 percent increase) “newly eligible for coverage, most of them childless adults who are working but whose […]
Fri, Jun 23rd 2017 12:15pm