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Jennifer Rubin is a columnist for the Washington Post. She believes in American exceptionalism, limited government, free markets, a secure and thriving Jewish state, defense of freedom and human rights around the world, enforced borders with a generous legal immigration policy, calling things by their proper names (e.g. Islamic fundamentalism), and recapturing vocabulary (a "feminist" is not the same as a pro-choice activist).

Nearly all wisdom is found in the Godfather movies (no, not Part 3!) and the Torah. I'm a dog nut, so I'm a sucker for any dog story. (And for the record, I think Bo is adorable.) I'm a harsh critic of racial preferences, the Middle East "peace process" (which is short on peace-production), Keynesian economics, judicial imperialism and liberal statism.

Jennifer Rubin's take from a conservative perspective
Sun, Apr 22nd 2018 2:30pm
Sunday wrap: Trump on defense
Who said it? 1.“I think it is important to have a debate on this bill in order to send a clear message that Congress does not support him taking any action in regard to Mr. Mueller’s investigation.” 2. “I think its very hard not to flip when theyre threatening you with long, long imprisonment.” 3. […]
Sun, Apr 22nd 2018 2:30pm
Are Trump’s lawyers selling him a bill of goods, or is he not listening?
President Trump is so unwilling to accept reality, and his advisers, even his lawyers, may be afraid of telling him the truth. Either Trump misunderstood what they’ve told him or his lawyers are making stuff up to pacify him: Ty Cobb said the special counsel investigation would be over last Thanksgiving. Then by the end […]
Sun, Apr 22nd 2018 12:00pm
Distinguished pol of the week: With an upset win, he’d be the Democrats’ hero
The Dallas Morning News reports: Beto O’Rourke, buoyed by stout fundraising and a surprisingly favorable poll, has a renewed belief in miracles. More than ever before, the Democratic congressman from El Paso is talking like beating incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz is no longer a pipe dream. . . . This week a survey by Quinnipiac […]
Sun, Apr 22nd 2018 7:45am
Is it finally Scott Pruitt’s time to go?
Even casual political-watchers know that Friday is the customary day for dropping bad news and dumping senior officials. No senior official is more deserving of being dumped than Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt. The New York Times reports: The Environmental Protection Agencys inspector general plans to investigate whether Scott Pruitt, the agencys embattled chief, […]
Fri, Apr 20th 2018 1:00pm
Trump loses again on crusade against ‘sanctuary cities’
Buzzfeed reports, “A federal appeals court on Thursday ruled that local governments nationwide don’t need to provide certain types of help to federal immigration authorities in order to get millions of dollars in federal grants.The ruling is a blow to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department, which had attempted to coerce so-called sanctuary […]
Fri, Apr 20th 2018 11:45am