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Jennifer Rubin is a columnist for the Washington Post. She believes in American exceptionalism, limited government, free markets, a secure and thriving Jewish state, defense of freedom and human rights around the world, enforced borders with a generous legal immigration policy, calling things by their proper names (e.g. Islamic fundamentalism), and recapturing vocabulary (a "feminist" is not the same as a pro-choice activist).

Nearly all wisdom is found in the Godfather movies (no, not Part 3!) and the Torah. I'm a dog nut, so I'm a sucker for any dog story. (And for the record, I think Bo is adorable.) I'm a harsh critic of racial preferences, the Middle East "peace process" (which is short on peace-production), Keynesian economics, judicial imperialism and liberal statism.

Jennifer Rubin's take from a conservative perspective
Fri, Feb 16th 2018 4:12pm
Making the first documented case of a complex plot by Russians to influence our elections and specifically to bolster President Trump, special prosecutor Robert S. Mueller III has indicted 13 Russians and obtained a plea bargain from a cooperating U.S. witnessaccused ofidentity theft.The Post reports: The Justice Departments special counsel announced the indictment Friday of […]
Fri, Feb 16th 2018 4:12pm
With asleek videoextolling his role in saving the Olympics and his preference for Utah as a model for the country, Mitt Romney announced his run for the Senate: He didn’t mention President Trump, and according to news reports, does not intend to to run a specifically anti-Trump campaign. We have several thoughts on his campaign. […]
Fri, Feb 16th 2018 12:15pm
Republicans have painted themselves into a corner on DACA

Republicans who dutifully carry out the wishes of President Trump, adviser Stephen Miller and the rest of the anti-immigrant crowd managed to dash hopes for a bipartisan agreement to spare hundreds of thousands of “dreamers” from deportation. The anti-immigration alternative, which would have slashed legal immigration (betraying their real agenda) and eliminated the visa lottery […]
Fri, Feb 16th 2018 11:30am
The National Rifle Association, pro-gun politicians and right-wing media make a number of assertions that simply aren’t true. 1. “I have a right to own guns. Any guns.” Actually, no. We have banned fully automatic guns. Just about a year ago, the Associated Press reported: Maryland’s ban on 45 kinds of assault weapons and its […]
Fri, Feb 16th 2018 10:30am
The Post reportedon President Trump’s remarks Thursday morning about the Floridaschool shooting in which 17 died: His remarks, which lasted about six minutes, were so generic that they could have applied to any catastrophe. . . . The comments mirrored what he said in September after the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and […]
Fri, Feb 16th 2018 9:15am