Da'at School @ Kibbutz Sa'ad:
Playing Under Rocket Fire

Da'at School, located in Kibbutz Sa'ad, is less than 2 miles from the Gaza border

Da'at School students playing on playground

Ronit Bart, a teacher at the school who lived in Raleigh, NC, several years ago, wrote the following:

"Da'at School has 377 students, mostly from two religious kibbutzim (Sa'ad and Alumim), a few moshavim (Tkuma, Maagalim, Kfar Maimon), and two nearby towns (Netivot and Sderot).

"About a month ago, 25 new Ethiopian immigrant children also joined our school. These Ethiopian children came on Aliya only days before coming to our school. They are currently living with their families near Sderot.

"As you may know, our children have been studying under fire for approximately 12 years. The 'Tzeva Adom Song' you have heard about was developed for these children and other children in our area.Aerial view of Da'at School at Kibbutz Sa'ad in Israel

"The new fortified school was built by the government to allow us some peace of mind during school hours: there is no need to run to safe classes if you are indoors, and plenty of shelters were placed in the school yard so that children are relatively safe while playing outside.

"The new school is, in many ways, better than the old one,but in some ways we have been 'downgraded.'

"The school we moved from was very old; as such, it had large lawns with beautiful trees Aerial view of Da'at School at Kibbutz Sa'ad in Israel around it. The new location, being new, has no trees and no shade.

The trees we planted when we moved in will take several years to mature. Another disadvantage is that, safety aside, the children spend hours every day cooped up in a closed cement building with fortified windows and metal doors.

This means our ability to feel and enjoy nature is highly restricted. Being a kibbutz school, we feel this is a great disadvantage.

That is why we'd like to build a large gazebo near each building. Each unit will consist of three or four benches and a wood-beam roof. These structures will allow us both a space for outdoor learning during quiet times and a place for the students to enjoy during resecess. The cost of each unit is approximately $6,000."

Voice for Israel's goal is to raise money to help build these gazebos 

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