Voice for Israel's Goal
Is to Promote Solidarity with Israel
Through Education and Advocacy

What we do

Voice for Israel is a group of pro-Israeli advocates in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. We 

  • Disseminate information via e-mail on a regular basis and at timely moments when action seems required
  • Provide a strong but polite and informed voice for Israel
  • Discuss issues and emphasize the effective use of language when advocating for Israel
  • Provide public events and announce other local Israel-related programs
  • Meet with our elected Congressional leaders
  • Reach out to each other, to share our love for Israel, to better educate ourselves, and to provide a Triangle “home” for the supporters of Israel

Who we are

We are committed to beitng respectful Israel advocates, who avoid attacks on individuals or the use of inflammatory or derogatory language. We acknowledge the differences in approach on the part of individuals in our group, but we are strongly united in our commitment to Zionism, the proud and loving support of Israel, the national home of the Jewish people.

The Voice for Israel will be a voice for a secure and sustainable peace, a voice of clarity and reason. Please join your voice with ours in celebration of Israel.

Let us know of your interest in our communications and lastly spread the word to all who would wish to join in support of our mission of solidarity for Israel. We will assure that all our communications are voluntary, and that the use of your email is strictly protected.