Anti-Israel Propaganda from “60 Minutes”

February 18th, 2013 by Steven Jay Rosenberg

Last night I watched the 60 Minutes segment on Israel’s Iron Dome. I was thinking it was going to be some good PR for Israel.

I literally got sick watching it. Okay, you have the Iron Dome and it works and it makes Israelis feel safer. Yes, it cost a lot of money to develop and a lot of that money came from America. (They never mentioned that America may be able to use this technology.)

Then it went on to say the settlements in the West Bank are the main obstacle to peace!! What? How did they go — seamlessly — from showing the Iron Dome to a demonstration on the West Bank and blaming Israel for not making peace while taking America’s money?

Not once did it mention that Israelis gave up Gaza and now have thousands of rockets coming down. Not once did they mention Iran’s involvement with Hamas in Gaza or Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood supporting the Gaza regime. Not once did they show how close Gaza is to Israel.

Yet, I can understand if the “average” American seeing this would come to the conclusion that the rocket attacks on Israel are justified, that Israel is so far superior that they can risk making peace by giving up the settlements.

There is really no way to counter this anti-Israel publicity. Facts are useless. After all, this is “60 Minutes, ” the most prestigious mainstream outlook. It looked so benign and believable….

A few weeks ago, PBS on the Newshour did a series about Israel that I thought was very good and nuanced. It discussed in length the situation with Iran and Syria in separate episodes. Worth watching.