A troubling situation has arisen in Durham.

A petition to have the city of Durham boycott police training in Israel, titled Demilitarize! From Durham2Palestine, is being prepared for the Mayor and Town Council of Durham. The sponsors desire the city of Durham to pass an official resolution to that effect. We anticipate such a resolution will come up for discussion in the next month.

This attack has been under preparation for over a year by the deceptively titled fringe group Jewish Voice for Peace, which is associated with the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement. It is part of their national initiative: Deadly Exchange and represents their first attempt to petition a municipality to boycott such activities with Israel. This hurtful, anti-Jewish petition, falsely accuses Israel of training U.S. police forces to “terrorize Black and Brown communities here in the U.S.” Please read the Anti-Defamation League's analysis of JVP's anti-Israel agenda.

Screen Capture from Deadly Exchange Video


JVP suggests that numerous American Jewish organizations (ADL, AIPAC, AJC and Birthright) complicitly endorse police brutality and oppression of minorities here in the USA.

The petitioners' claims are ludicrous. Such a resolution provides no help to US citizens, Palestinians or Israelis and is tangential to the interests of the citizens of Durham. In fact the ideology behind this initiative is divisive and perversely represents a barrier to peace and reconciliation.

While the petitioners advertise that “The exchange trips advance racist policies and target social justice movements as security threats,” the opposite seems more to be the truth. Louis Dekmar, President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and Chief of the LaGrange, Police Department, has emphasized, “ One invaluable experience of the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange (GILEE) training is its adherence to and respect for civil rights and the U.S. Constitution. You don’ t sacrifice civil liberty for safety.”

Alarmingly, on social media, this same group proudly deployed this absurd and offensive picture calling for “No More Cops at Shul.” They further advocate “No More Cops!” and “Divest From Police Now!” We would all like ideally to see Durham and indeed the entire world crime free. But we live in the world of now. Imagine what scene would unfold if the Durham City Council would disband our police force.

JVP's Picture: No More Cops at Schul

JVP Facebook Site

Being anti-Jewish and so completely anti-police is terrible

for Durham and universally appalling.



By misapplying the language of social justice and intersectionality, JVP has reportedly convinced all six city council members to sympathize with their petition and several to endorse. (Mayor Schewel has said he has not signed on.) A V4I delegation has met with the mayor and we hope to meet with all members of the City Council to hear and discuss both their views and our perspective.

This proposed municipal resolution is orchestrated by nationally based outsiders, for their own political agenda, with little regard for the welfare of the citizens of Durham. Furthermore, the City Council does not govern by such resolutions, as it already possesses the authority to decide on policy issues and to direct staff operations.

Demonizing  major respected Jewish organizations as complicit with police brutality against minorities is a calumny, which sends a very hurtful message to the Jewish community.

We hope that all concerned community individuals will write to every council member and express their concerns. Remember, anger in emails is counterproductive. It backfires. Letters to the Mayor and City Council should be friendly, polite, respectful and brief. 

Their individual e-mail addresses can be found here: Durham City Council-Members


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